4 Worst Blackhat SEO practices

The basic definition of black hat SEO is meaningful in contrast to white hat SEO.
Black hat SEO may also be referred to as unethical SEO or spamdexing, as spamdexing is a frequently used black hat SEO practice. White hat SEO techniques are basically tactics that are opposite to black hat SEO techniques.
The white hat SEO practice. takes time and effort, which is why some websites turn to black hat SEO. The fundamental difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO is the audience they target.
Negative SEO is probably the worst form of black hat SEO. Using black hat SEO practices. can get your website banned from search engines.
The truth is, nobody has a magic wand and success takes a time to develop when it comes to SEO but if you play by the rules in the first place, you will reap long-term success.
Top of our list of black hat SEO techniques is hidden content, while White Hat SEO is creating content for users and not search engines. Duplicating or copying content from another website is one of the worst Black Hat SEO techniques.

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