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Some basic statistics based from my own experience: markets really only trend 10% of the time; these trends can be down as well as up; markets fall three times faster than they rally

CFD trading can be a short-term or a long-term trading option; which, if applying proper risk/reward strategy, can offer significant rewards. If you want to set up a trading account, or want to find out more about how TraderstFX can help you reap the benefits of CFD trading, simply get in touch with us today.

Some basic statistics based from my own experience: markets really only trend 10% of the time; these trends can be down as well as up; markets fall three times faster than they rally. The reason why shorting has been regarded as belonging to the realm of more experienced investors is that, in theory, you have unlimited downside. While it is true that losses could be significant, the ‘unlimited’ moniker is ludicrous. If losses are unlimited in shorting, then that means the share price can also rise to infinity. That is clearly nonsense. You can assess the upside potential in most companies, and there is always a ceiling that can be assessed. No share price will ever rise to infinity, so there is no such thing as ‘unlimited’ losses.

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PokerStars has established a reputation as the biggest online poker site

There are hundreds of websites which feature Pokerstars review pages. Many are well written and informative, though as with any material on the internet, not all are of a high quality and sometimes you need to spend excessive time searching for the best.
You can select your preferred seating options for all types of tables. You can simply choose to auto-center you at any table or select different preferred seats for each separate table type. The same menu can be found in PokerStars 6 by going to the Options” menu and clicking Preferred Seat”.
With more people than ever before are now using tablets and their mobile to play online poker, and some only playing mobile poker and not bothering with a laptop or desktop machine, I thought it would be a good idea to look at five of the best mobile poker app available today.
Not only is it more expensive to play at PokerStars due to the increase in rake fees in both cash games and tournaments, and the decrease in the VIP benefits, they now seem less and less willing to promote poker by cutting out affiliate marketers and terminating contracts with Team PokerStars Pros all the while launching online casino games and sportbooks.
Sunday Millions – This is the biggest weekly tournament held by any poker site with prize pools averaging around $2 Million Dollars every weekend. You can buy-in directly for $200 or qualify through a variety of satellites which can be anywhere from a few dollars to several frequent player points (FPPs).

After the US Government decided to shut down online poker for U.S. players, when the dust finally settled, not only did PokerStars bail out PokerStar players, and all their money, but they also bailed out FullTilt players and all their money as well. This is everything you need to know about PokerStars.. they are Honorable, True-to- their-Word and I wouldn’t play online poker anywhere else!!!
ITSL installed a Crestron controlled set of meeting rooms consisting of two video conference rooms and two meeting/presentation rooms, the in room touch panels were iPads running the Crestron App. The rooms were separated by folding walls so utilising the intelligent lighting system and partition switches, whenever the rooms were opened up, in any combination, the iPads would show the relevant controls and options allowing easy access to all features, whatever the room configuration. The system had to be easy to use so ITSL ensured that the users were shown on the iPad only what they needed at the time and nothing more, along with useful shortcuts to the most used functions.
Now, this might be a slightly unexpected answer, but mobile users can not currently use this method for depositing. So why are we bothering to mention it on a mobile site then? The answer is simple: we think that it is the perfect way for mobile users to top up their account, and want to urge PokerStars to roll this depositing method out to their mobile platform.pokerstars uk download
Withdrawals are subject to a pending period of up to 2 days. After this the fastest method for cashing out is ewallets such as PayPal which take no longer than 1 day. Credit/debit cards take 3-5 business days and Bank Transfers can take up to 7 business days. Cheque payments can take up to 15 days which is considerably quicker than at other casinos.

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4 Worst Blackhat SEO practices

The basic definition of black hat SEO is meaningful in contrast to white hat SEO.
Black hat SEO may also be referred to as unethical SEO or spamdexing, as spamdexing is a frequently used black hat SEO practice. White hat SEO techniques are basically tactics that are opposite to black hat SEO techniques.
The white hat SEO practice. takes time and effort, which is why some websites turn to black hat SEO. The fundamental difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO is the audience they target.
Negative SEO is probably the worst form of black hat SEO. Using black hat SEO practices. can get your website banned from search engines.
The truth is, nobody has a magic wand and success takes a time to develop when it comes to SEO but if you play by the rules in the first place, you will reap long-term success.
Top of our list of black hat SEO techniques is hidden content, while White Hat SEO is creating content for users and not search engines. Duplicating or copying content from another website is one of the worst Black Hat SEO techniques.

The SEO Services provided by hexaseo are purely white hat/

Hikvision DS-7604NI-E1/4P Linux Embedded NVR

Hikvision Original English Version DS-7604NI-E1/4P NVR Linux Embedded Plug and Play PoE NVR for 4 HD Network Cameras 5 Megapixels Resolution Recording 4 Independent Interfaces 1 SATA The recording function of DS-7604NI-E1/4P Security System is also indicated to be pretty good by one of the reviewers as in order to save up space, it only records when it spots something optimally fishy. Negative remarks pertain to its low quality of zoom and limited area covered at night time, making it useless to identify faces in the case of an intrusion. Moreover, the cameras often come faulty, as complained by another reviewer, stating that they might be defective on the grounds of having always the night mode switched on. The video feed at night is also reported to go green by some other reviewers. Continue reading

New Casino Tropez Review

Online since 2001, Casino Tropez has always been a favorite among casino fans. For more than a decade, this casino has been attracting discerning gamblers worldwide with its generous Welcome Bonus, an enormous variety of online slots and live casino games, ongoing loyalty rewards program, and superior customer support. There’s nothing like the thrill of taking your favorite games with you wherever you go. It’s what makes Casino Tropez Mobile one of the top destinations for mobile gambling. It almost achieves to convince people that it’s a 100% unique online casino, even though the games available at casino Tropez are also available at other casino sites. So, you can make your very first deposit of $20 only and double it with 100% up to $100 match bonus.

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Roulette singolo e doppio zero, il gioco senza fine.

: La roulette, il gioco più diffuso al mondo, la sua nascita un po’ di storia e le sue versioni principali. Singolo o doppio zero le differenze e quale conviene giocare

I sondaggi danno tutti lo stesso risultato: La roulette Online è il gioco più amato e giocato del Casino Live. Sarà per l’eccitazione di vincere ben 36 volte la posta o per tutto quanto si è scritto attorno a tecniche matematiche basate sul calcolo delle probabilità o semplicemente per i fascino della pallina che gira lungo numeri, rosso e nero o pari e dispari la roulette è sempre regina.

La roulette nasce nel 18esimo in Francia, da alcune ricerche sull’esistenza del moto perpetuo e fu giocata per la prima volta al Palazzo del Re nel 1796.
Qualche anno dopo e la roulette conquiesterà altri paesi europei tra cui l’Italia e anche la Russia, per chi volesse leggere un bel libro sulla Roulette consigliamo “Il giocatore” scritto nel 1866 da Fedor Dostoevskij, uno dei più brillanti scrittori russi che ha regalato alla letteratura mondiale un capolavoro in parte autobiografico.

All’inizio del 1900 la roulette sbarca in US, da questo momento in poi avremo 2 diverse versioni, quella continentale o europea e quella americana.

Nella versione Continentale, Europea o francese abbiamo 36 numeri, rossi e neri alle quali va aggiunto uno 0 (casella di colore verde).
nella versione Americana i numeri sono 36, rossi e neri ai quali vanno aggiunti 2 zeri (di colore verde), per questo la versione della roulette americana è anche comunemente chiamata roulette doppio zero e quella continentale è chiamata roulette singolo zero.
Dal punto di vista probabilistico la versione con un solo vero da un vantaggio al giocatore rispetto che quella a doppio zero.
Qualunque sia infatti il tipo di giocata avremo che un 1/38 di possibilità in di battere il banco quando lo 0 coinvolto nel gioco è solo 1.
Altra versione ma meno conosciuta arriva sempre dal vecchio continente: Roulette Inglese.
Sicuramente meno diffusa.

Naturalmente ciò non significa che nei casino europei non si trovino roulette a doppio 0 e viceversa, i casino sono diventati sempre + internazionali e ovunque si può trovare un’ampissima scelta di giochi in tutte le loro versioni. Questa tendenza vale sia per la roulette che per gli altri giochi.

Ricordiamo che come in tutti i giochi nei quali si gioca contro il banco questo ha sempre una % matematica di vincita superiore rispetto a quella del giocatore.
Nelle versioni continentali a singolo zero le probabilità di vincita per il gioco di un numero singolo sono dello 2,70%, per la versione americana a doppio zero è del 2,63%.
Gioca subito ai migliori giochi di casinò on line anche da mobile e scopri tutti i Bonus e le Promozioni. is a Bitcoin Casino, Sportsbook & Poker Room offers 400+ Games, Live Sportsbook, Huge GTD Poker Tours, Dice, Fast Deposits & Withdrawals, Live Support, Safe & Trusted. is the leading gambling portal which provides bitcoin and litecoin casino games, poker room and sportsbook featuring the very best casino games, poker rooms, and sports betting entertainment. deposit is fast anonymous and requires only one confirmation. withdrawal is instant and the players are credited to their wallet. ONE CONFIRMATION DEPOSITS and FAST WITHDRAWALS are the future of online gaming and is there to follow this vision.
In case you were looking for ethereum casino ethereum poker you can play with you Bitcoin or to exchange them for any other cryptocurrency. is powered by the leading software providers such as Ezugi and NetBet. It seems that  goes through the yellow brick road.


The ultimate online betting guide  

Secure, flexible Trade on bitcoin volatility with a variety of financial products

Today investors can have Secure, flexible Trade on bitcoin volatility with a variety of financial products and a range FX pairs. No wallet needed.Because you never actually own bitcoin, you can go short if you think the value will fall.Unlike trading on a BTC exchanges, speculating on the bitcoin price is 100% secure from theft. Owning bitcoin is also makes you valuable to hacking, data corruption, physical loss of the device.
BitCoin Spread Betting.
BitCoin Binary Options.
Online binary options and CFD providers enable investors to Speculate on the bitcoin price against a range of global currencies.
Common trading pairs for bitcoin:Bitcoin (USD),Bitcoin (GBP),Bitcoin (EUR),Bitcoin (JPY),Bitcoin (CNH)
There are two different strategies to trade bitcoin binary options and bitcoin spread betting. The first strategy is to use it as a payment method in order to hedge against a sharp price decline.The second strategy is trading Bitcoin as an underlying asset.
Bitcoin derivatives trading enable investors to take advantage of the unusual volatility levels of Bitcoin prices and provide flexible access to the bitcoin futures markets without installing and securing a Bitcoin wallet.
With spread betting, traders can take leveraged short or long positions on bitcoins prices. In Bitcoin Binary Options Trading there is no leverage.

Come guadagnano i migliori broker di opzioni binarie autorizzati 2017?

Opzioni BinarieCome guadagnano i migliori broker di opzioni binarie autorizzati consob per 2017?
sin da subito, hanno iniziato a proliferare a livello esponenziale nuovi broker di opzioni binaire
Nella nostra sezione di broker di opzioni binarie mostriamo proprio questo. Tutti i broker che vi consigliamo in questa pagina sono regolamentati

Visto che nel settore il topopzioni ha sempre offerto informazioni che AIUTANO gli utenti a sfruttare le possibilità di guadagno del trading binarie, voglio precisare che nel sito trovi solo migliori opzioni broker con autorizzazione e regolamentazione CONSOB.
Al fine di trading opzioni binarie online nel frenetico mondo di oggi, è necessario un accesso immediato ai mercati.
Ci sono sempre le prospettive migliori e più scelte per aumentare i loro profitti quando si opera con tipi di attività finanziarie.
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Main Advantages of Using BitCoins as Payment Method for Online Poker Players

For online poker fans, there are a lot of good reasons to play poker using Bitcoins as a payment method.
The top advantages are:

Security: the state of the art encryption technology prevents forgery. And wallets for Bitcoins can be classified as safest and most secure payment system.

Anonymity: A very big advantage is anonymity bitcoin offers. Unlike a bank account, PayPal, credit cards and other traditional payment methods where detailed information of personal identity must be specified, Bitcoin accounts are anonymous. some bitcoin poker sites offer complete anonymous registration.

Cost: There are any or only minimal transaction fees. At BTC poker rooms deposits and withdrawals are usually free. And the bitcoin systems charges a neglectable fee and for small transaction no fees at all

Speed: transfers completed and confirmed very quickly. Similar to wallets as Skrill or Paypal payments can be made within seconds. The maximal time frame for a transaction to be completed is one hour.’s Rankings are the premier poker sites rankings you will find the best online poker rooms.
you can find here a list of the best online poker sites that accept bitcoin.
In you will find selection of the very best online poker rooms offering the best promotions, rack backs, highest paying tournaments.
I keep this list updated by following the latest news, promotions, press releases regading best uk online poker rooms