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Our Visit To Shenzhen

Max, a certified tour guide in Shenzhen city of China, recently published a book called How Can I Not Cheat You? In the book, Mr Wu exposes many shady deals in the tourist service profession,
Imagine how amazing it would be to marvel at the skyline of Hong Kong and play games in the casinos of Macau in one tour. Making it possible is this Hong Kong and Macau package by MakeMyTrip. The best thing about Hong Kong is certainly its amusement parks and the one name that stands out is Disneyland. That is why a fun-filled excursion to it has been included in the package. Revel and frolic with thrilling rides and entertaining shows in its 7 unique sections on this tour. Another inclusion is an equally fun city-tour of Hong Kong, taking you to Kowloon Waterfront, TSL Jewellery Workshop, Victoria Peak and Repulse Bay. Furthermore, the stay at plush hotels and airport transfers will make for a delightful sojourn.

I just want to thank you for everything you did at ShenZhen. It was my first trip and you made me feel home except the fact that I couldn’t speak Chinese, hahaha… Thanks to you that I found the oil painting as a gift to my boss and he really likes it. It has been such a pleasure having you as my guide. I give you rate 10 out of 10 and look forward to another trip with you. Thanks, bye.

Dameisha Beach is the first long stretch of fine sand that you will find in Yantian District. It’s often snubbed by the local Chinese because it can be incredibly busy on summer weekends and at festival times. If you avoid these times and visit during the week, it isn’t so bad. This is a free beach and there are a number of activities such as diving, paragliding and we even saw jet skis for hire.
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You’ll come across every style of Chinese and international cookery in Shenzhen. Dine on Cantonese dishes and dim sum at Jin Yue Xuan (Shen Nan Avenue 6013), or try the upscale version at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen near Luohu Port

Domestic China Railway services arrive and depart from Shenzhen Rail Station in Luohu District – immediately north of the HK border. It’s a fairly small, but clean and well-organized station serving mostly Guangdong regional trains and just a handful of long-distance sleeper trains to other major cities. A high-speed shuttle service runs every 10-15 minutes to Guangzhou East Station (with alternate services continuing to Guangzhou main station – both GZ East and GZ have much more long-distance connections) – it takes approx 1 hour and costs 75RMB one way. Tickets for this service are available from a separate ticket office or from self-service machines and there is a separate platform entrance. Some K-series overnight trains will run from Shenzhen West Station although it is very far from downtown and has poor transport connections.


Redwood Options Demonstration Account

The following Agencies give a Free
21685980705. Simply join a free of charge accounts with one or several brokers and you will access a completely practical,
additional resources in, real-time demonstration accounts. After you join a free of charge Demonstration bank account you must provide a genuine CONTACT Amount so that customer care can check your account. But: once in awhile, I’m logged off and necessary to login again. Which has never been the situation with MarketMaker. Yes, all UK organized distributed wagering companies are regulated by the Financial Carry out Authority. Upon completion of enrollment you may move forward to making use of your demonstration trading consideration.

Pass on CFDs and Wagers are leveraged products. Spread Betting and CFD trading typically require the deposit of just a little percentage of the total trade value, income & losses can certainly exceed your debris requiring that you make further obligations. Make sure that the dangers are understood by you as the products are not well suited for everyone, if you are involved seek personal advice. This web site shall not constitute investment advice. You’ll find home elevators these charges for particular Marketplaces within the relevant Market Information tabs, which can be found on the Trading System next to each Market or by contacting us on 0117 988 9915. Hargreaves Lansdown Advantage Management is regulated and authorised by the Financial Perform Electricity , FCA Register amount 115248.

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Forex News: Us Dollar 16 June 2017 (52)


Our currency rankings show that the most popular United States Dollar exchange rate is the USD to EUR rate. The currency code for Dollars is USD, and the currency symbol is $. FX investors will be mainly looking at how Geert Wilders’ anti-establishment PVV performs to refine their judgement on Marine La Pen’s chances of winning the French presidential elections. It will also be viewed as a gauge of sentiment in a big European economy following the shock Brexit vote and Donald Trump victory last year.

As our valued client, it is our highest priority to ensure that your account is fully protected. In compliance with BSP Circular 706, your client information and specimen signatures need to be updated every two (2) years for Savings accounts and every year for Checking accounts. Click here for details.

Speaking on future ties with Russia, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in mid-March that Sino-Russian trade ties were affected by falling oil prices, but he added that he saw great potential in cooperation. Vladimir Shapovalov, a senior official at the Russian central bank, said the two central banks were drafting a memorandum of understanding to solve technical issues around China’s gold imports from Russia, and that details would be released soon.

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Roulette singolo e doppio zero, il gioco senza fine.

: La roulette, il gioco più diffuso al mondo, la sua nascita un po’ di storia e le sue versioni principali. Singolo o doppio zero le differenze e quale conviene giocare

I sondaggi danno tutti lo stesso risultato: La roulette Online è il gioco più amato e giocato del Casino Live. Sarà per l’eccitazione di vincere ben 36 volte la posta o per tutto quanto si è scritto attorno a tecniche matematiche basate sul calcolo delle probabilità o semplicemente per i fascino della pallina che gira lungo numeri, rosso e nero o pari e dispari la roulette è sempre regina.

La roulette nasce nel 18esimo in Francia, da alcune ricerche sull’esistenza del moto perpetuo e fu giocata per la prima volta al Palazzo del Re nel 1796.
Qualche anno dopo e la roulette conquiesterà altri paesi europei tra cui l’Italia e anche la Russia, per chi volesse leggere un bel libro sulla Roulette consigliamo “Il giocatore” scritto nel 1866 da Fedor Dostoevskij, uno dei più brillanti scrittori russi che ha regalato alla letteratura mondiale un capolavoro in parte autobiografico.

All’inizio del 1900 la roulette sbarca in US, da questo momento in poi avremo 2 diverse versioni, quella continentale o europea e quella americana.

Nella versione Continentale, Europea o francese abbiamo 36 numeri, rossi e neri alle quali va aggiunto uno 0 (casella di colore verde).
nella versione Americana i numeri sono 36, rossi e neri ai quali vanno aggiunti 2 zeri (di colore verde), per questo la versione della roulette americana è anche comunemente chiamata roulette doppio zero e quella continentale è chiamata roulette singolo zero.
Dal punto di vista probabilistico la versione con un solo vero da un vantaggio al giocatore rispetto che quella a doppio zero.
Qualunque sia infatti il tipo di giocata avremo che un 1/38 di possibilità in di battere il banco quando lo 0 coinvolto nel gioco è solo 1.
Altra versione ma meno conosciuta arriva sempre dal vecchio continente: Roulette Inglese.
Sicuramente meno diffusa.

Naturalmente ciò non significa che nei casino europei non si trovino roulette a doppio 0 e viceversa, i casino sono diventati sempre + internazionali e ovunque si può trovare un’ampissima scelta di giochi in tutte le loro versioni. Questa tendenza vale sia per la roulette che per gli altri giochi.

Ricordiamo che come in tutti i giochi nei quali si gioca contro il banco questo ha sempre una % matematica di vincita superiore rispetto a quella del giocatore.
Nelle versioni continentali a singolo zero le probabilità di vincita per il gioco di un numero singolo sono dello 2,70%, per la versione americana a doppio zero è del 2,63%.
Gioca subito ai migliori giochi di casinò on line anche da mobile e scopri tutti i Bonus e le Promozioni. is a Bitcoin Casino, Sportsbook & Poker Room offers 400+ Games, Live Sportsbook, Huge GTD Poker Tours, Dice, Fast Deposits & Withdrawals, Live Support, Safe & Trusted. is the leading gambling portal which provides bitcoin and litecoin casino games, poker room and sportsbook featuring the very best casino games, poker rooms, and sports betting entertainment. deposit is fast anonymous and requires only one confirmation. withdrawal is instant and the players are credited to their wallet. ONE CONFIRMATION DEPOSITS and FAST WITHDRAWALS are the future of online gaming and is there to follow this vision.
In case you were looking for ethereum casino ethereum poker you can play with you Bitcoin or to exchange them for any other cryptocurrency. is powered by the leading software providers such as Ezugi and NetBet. It seems that  goes through the yellow brick road.


The ultimate online betting guide  

Secure, flexible Trade on bitcoin volatility with a variety of financial products

Today investors can have Secure, flexible Trade on bitcoin volatility with a variety of financial products and a range FX pairs. No wallet needed.Because you never actually own bitcoin, you can go short if you think the value will fall.Unlike trading on a BTC exchanges, speculating on the bitcoin price is 100% secure from theft. Owning bitcoin is also makes you valuable to hacking, data corruption, physical loss of the device.
BitCoin Spread Betting.
BitCoin Binary Options.
Online binary options and CFD providers enable investors to Speculate on the bitcoin price against a range of global currencies.
Common trading pairs for bitcoin:Bitcoin (USD),Bitcoin (GBP),Bitcoin (EUR),Bitcoin (JPY),Bitcoin (CNH)
There are two different strategies to trade bitcoin binary options and bitcoin spread betting. The first strategy is to use it as a payment method in order to hedge against a sharp price decline.The second strategy is trading Bitcoin as an underlying asset.
Bitcoin derivatives trading enable investors to take advantage of the unusual volatility levels of Bitcoin prices and provide flexible access to the bitcoin futures markets without installing and securing a Bitcoin wallet.
With spread betting, traders can take leveraged short or long positions on bitcoins prices. In Bitcoin Binary Options Trading there is no leverage.

Main Advantages of Using BitCoins as Payment Method for Online Poker Players

For online poker fans, there are a lot of good reasons to play poker using Bitcoins as a payment method.
The top advantages are:

Security: the state of the art encryption technology prevents forgery. And wallets for Bitcoins can be classified as safest and most secure payment system.

Anonymity: A very big advantage is anonymity bitcoin offers. Unlike a bank account, PayPal, credit cards and other traditional payment methods where detailed information of personal identity must be specified, Bitcoin accounts are anonymous. some bitcoin poker sites offer complete anonymous registration.

Cost: There are any or only minimal transaction fees. At BTC poker rooms deposits and withdrawals are usually free. And the bitcoin systems charges a neglectable fee and for small transaction no fees at all

Speed: transfers completed and confirmed very quickly. Similar to wallets as Skrill or Paypal payments can be made within seconds. The maximal time frame for a transaction to be completed is one hour.’s Rankings are the premier poker sites rankings you will find the best online poker rooms.
you can find here a list of the best online poker sites that accept bitcoin.
In you will find selection of the very best online poker rooms offering the best promotions, rack backs, highest paying tournaments.
I keep this list updated by following the latest news, promotions, press releases regading best uk online poker rooms

Consob warns investors from risky financial instrumets

“The investment in CFD, forex trading, and binary options is not suitable for most investors. investing in Binary Options, Forex CFD involves a high level of risk to the invested fund due to the volatility of the markets and the high level of leverage.

In the advisory paper addressed to the Italian traders, Consob also declares “you must always make sure that the derivatives products provider is authorized to operate in Italy, by consulting the appropriate records published on regular basis by Consob.
For this purpose, it is also relevant to refer to “Notice to investors” which is published by Consob on their corporate website including reports, from foreign regulatory authorities, as well as by Consob,
The website regularly warns from the financial activities carried out unlawfully “.

Here are the characteristics of these instruments outlined by Consob in its document:

CFDs are contracts between a broker and an investor within each party agrees to pay the other the difference between the current value of a given asset (shares, currencies, commodities, financial indices, etc.) And the future value that asset. Once a CFD position opened, the investor can close it at any time by paying or collecting the difference.

CFDs are leveraged products, meaning that investors can, through these products, take a position on the underlying asset, paying only a fraction (called “initial margin” or “initial deposit”) of the total value of the position taken. As leveraged products, investors may be required to pay additional sums to supplement those initially deposited due to the performance of the underlying asset (the “margin call”) and, moreover, the result (loss or gain ) may well be bigger than the amount paid as initial margin (so-called “leverage effect”).

Products similar to CFDs are forex trades and spread betting, the main feature of which – in addition to that of having to exclusively currencies object – consists in the fact that the investor can maintain its open position thanks to a mechanism, called roll-over, by means of the which transactions closed at the end of the day are automatically re-opened the following day.

Binary options are contracts that guarantee the payment of a predetermined amount if the event (for example, attaining a specified level of the price of a share or of the exchange rate between two currencies) occurs within a predetermined time limit. If the event does not occur you lose the entire amount invested.
binary options are based on a single proposition with two options to choose from, enables you to trade on markets volatility, and to trade even when you can’t predict market direction

The binary options have a structure (and therefore risk) similar to that of a bet. Often they are characterized by the very short duration – for example, one hour, or even less than a minute – thus accentuating the characteristics of its gambling nature, since it is particularly difficult, if not impossible, to predict the market’s performance with a minimum of foundation in such a short period of time.
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