Main Advantages of Using BitCoins as Payment Method for Online Poker Players

For online poker fans, there are a lot of good reasons to play poker using Bitcoins as a payment method.
The top advantages are:

Security: the state of the art encryption technology prevents forgery. And wallets for Bitcoins can be classified as safest and most secure payment system.

Anonymity: A very big advantage is anonymity bitcoin offers. Unlike a bank account, PayPal, credit cards and other traditional payment methods where detailed information of personal identity must be specified, Bitcoin accounts are anonymous. some bitcoin poker sites offer complete anonymous registration.

Cost: There are any or only minimal transaction fees. At BTC poker rooms deposits and withdrawals are usually free. And the bitcoin systems charges a neglectable fee and for small transaction no fees at all

Speed: transfers completed and confirmed very quickly. Similar to wallets as Skrill or Paypal payments can be made within seconds. The maximal time frame for a transaction to be completed is one hour.’s Rankings are the premier poker sites rankings you will find the best online poker rooms.
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