Shenzhen Industry Development Expo

2016 Best Industrial Robot” Award Goes To ABB’s YuMi Collaborative

Thanks to automation, Chinese manufacturers will only grow stronger and more competitive. I’m part of the continuity of struggle which is for freedom of speech and individual rights, and basically that’s the core value of my art activities,” said Ai Weiwei during an interview in February in his Beijing studio, which he designed and built in 2000. Thomas Jakob, Asia Pacific regional president at Bosch Software Innovations, which is the software and systems division of Germany’s Bosch Group, said the new AI plan will have roughly the same impact on the industry as the government’s Made in China 2025 initiative has had on the manufacturing sector. However, in a classic example of optimism bias, while approximately two-thirds of Americans believe that robots will inevitably perform most of the work currently done by human beings during the next 50 years, about 80% also believe their current jobs will either definitely” or probably” exist in their current form within the same timeframe. Baidu often called the Google of China and a pioneer in artifi cial-intelligence-related fields, like speech recog nition – this year opened a joint company-government laboratory partly run by aca demics who once worked on research into Chinese military robots. Anticipation of increased use of ontologies within clinical information systems and biological resources from various domain terminologies – for example, Gene Ontology, SNOMED-CT and ICD-9 – would facilitate conjoined knowledge bases to accelerate research and cross-talk between biological research and clinical care

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