Virtual Reality Gambling to become multi millioners online gambling arena

The virtual casinos are a thing of the near future, such as the one created by Slots Million VR, those casinos will attract high-rolling early adopters, VR gambling is set to grow 800 % over the next five years, reaching $500 million in gross bets by 2020
Most of this growth will be focused on the casino games, predict the experts, as online casinos will increasingly offer vivid, “real-world” VR locations.
That means gamblers rammed into a set of VR goggles will be able to play and interact with virtual reproductions of the major casino resorts in the Las Vegas or Macao

The virtual worlds of the next few years, then, will become the playgrounds of the wealthy since The high cost of VR devices would inhibit the extent of user adoption, with the addressable base in the short and medium term largely limited to early adopters,” s
Currently, while there are several free-to-play virtual reality gambling sites available, there is only one real-money VR online casino up and running, Slots Million VR.

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